Satan is not a very obvious individual. He doesn’t like to be exposed.

In fact, he hates people he dislike us.

I think whatever the mark of the beast is, it wont be so conspicuous.

Because, Satan knows the Bible talks about the end times.

He is so smart that he created other religions before Jesus birth to confuse many.

What I noticed though is… A pattern.

Many false prophet rising up and confessing dreams and creating chaos, bitterness, fear, anger, and, torment among people.

Everytime something major occur like the disease COVID many preacher go ramped saying that is GOD behind it and saying that is an end time sign.

But it is written in the Bible that no one knows not even Jesus nor the angels in heaven the time or the day only Hashem knows.

We may see the world falling apart in chaos, famine, natural disasters, false teaching and false prophets

BUT that is an everyday thing

So GOD tell us just to be ready and keep and eye but to be ready.

Not even hasatan knows when hashem is coming but he can create chaos and confusion and mayhem.