Why are christian obsessed with death? don’t they know that wanting to die is unnatural, evil and, demonic. Jesus represents life..

During ancient times after Jesus, many scarified their lives for the good of Christianity and to represent the scarifies that Jesus the son of GOD did for humanity but back then people didn’t have freedom of religion and many were murder and some were target of hate and demonic accusations.

Today we live in a some what free world certain freedoms can be practice like freedom of religion.

but Jesus never represented religion just truth, love and word of GOD.

There are certain things in this world that if Jesus was in the flesh now he would be facing another Crucifixion because he wouldn’t be so “in between the lines” with his reprimand about certain facts and sins that are happening in this world today.

 A good example of a scarifies that one man do for the good of many would be Martin Luther King and many others.

Today churches still have sales inside “the house of GOD” selling their goods, selling food and, eating in churches and just not caring about what Jesus said about the house of GOD.

Many accuse you of not being a good person or a good Christian simply because you don’t practice same doctrines.

Others come out as Bible savvy but they choose what they want to believe and follow from the Bible, when everything comes from the same Scriptures (Minds Eyes) kind of thing.

Some forget that GOD gave us a sense of humor which comes from him and choose to make people live as though we were living in John Apostle’s time.

I follow Yeshua. To many false prophets and to many people without the calling.

All looking for the end of the world when they are still many out there needing to be saved (is that a sin)? wishing on that just because you are “ready”?

Would that be considered as a selfish act?