8072020 Dream

And I prayed to Yeshua & YHWH in the spirit.
Oh father the world is full of corruption and deception.
I want to follow you with all my heart please tell me about the commandments Elohim.

So, I felt asleep and a dream fell upon me. I was walking in a hallway and I saw some one carrying some books and notepads and they dropped onto the floor and then I saw two wooden rulers that stuck out off the folders and I woke up.

Then during the day on 08/08/2020 the interpretation and the dream came to me.

The two rulers signifying:

  • Love GOD with all your heart.
  • Love one another.

If you love GOD you won’t lie or cheat,nor covet,nor steal,and you would treat everyone with love because you love GOD and you will know that GOD your father is watching you and so you honor him.

If you love one another, you wouldn’t murder them, nor lie to them, nor hurt them intentionally and you would treat them with respect, kindness and, empathy.

error: God Bless You!