Among People

I don’t think that people take GOD, YHWH, seriously.

I see churches every where but people’s behavior are unchanged. It seems to me … well, it appears as though people just go to church to worship each other as gods or to get an arousal from others.

I for one am serious about finding GOD and hearing from him.

I’m not perfect but I am trying to obey him not for selfish reasons but for a real relationship with him.

I listen to christian radio stations which they have changed or labeled “inspirational” which can only mean that people’s faith in GOD has diminished due to science perhaps or just social pressures.

I listen to these music in which at times sounds like people are glorifying themselves and not GOD and it hurts a lot because he is real and this new age culture (world wide) is affected by self gratification behaviors.

Believing in luck not blessings and incorporating pagan concepts into what is holy and God’s love.

The other day this lady Sarah at 95.5 Cleveland’s The Fish was talking about horoscopes in what supposed to be a Christian station and she had no inclination about what she had just said.