Dear Father in Heaven,

The world has become dark and cold with many rumors and false teachings a social double mindedness…

Let me not talk in their ways GOD but in your truth.

Let me not walk in their shoes but in your righteousness.

Let me not see what they see or hear what they hear but to be attentive to yours.

Let me not adapt to social hierarchies but to align myself with yours.

Let me not be bound by social mentality set me free from those bonds.

Let me not care about what they cherish as valuable and help me not to take you for granted.

Let me appreciate you and appreciate your gifts you have given me.

They can’t see.

They can’t understand.

They walk aimlessly like bobble-heads blinded by the illusions of the enemy.

In arrogance they stand and in pride they boast to one another about useless things.

They waste time with meaningless information and focus on what is not real and important.

They hold dear to their hearts idols and pour out their loves on perishable items.

Don’t they know that nothing and no one is like you in this world, Father?