Some say we all have a purpose in life just as we all have an opinion.

GOD’s purpose for each and one of us is to seek him with our hearts. He want us to know that he made everything in this world from the seen to the unseen.

He gave us a free will to choose and a life to search. After all GOD’s fingerprints are all over this existence.

Some people think we have specialized purposes as if you we created for one singularity in life but I believe that isn’t so.

GOD will use you for his purpose as he see fits whether you get a message from a sinner or from a prophet.

He doesn’t have to create you for a single purpose.

Your life is a gift from GOD so that you would take time to reflect in his immense love and his immense sheer powers.

Your love for him will be evident enough for you to proclaim it.

Is true that John the Baptist had a purpose but it was foretold, remember GOD is not an author of confusion.

If GOD has a purpose for you, he WILL tell you because he’ll see how much you are sacrificing for him.

The life stories in the Bible are GOD’s purpose to teach future generations and us how to seek GOD and trust in him and how to have faith in him and develop a one on one relationship with him.

I think Paul was like one of those Atheist people that felt that there weren’t enough evidence to convert them but deep inside they are yearning that GOD is real but instead they rebel against him.

to be continued…