Demonic Disorders

Most disorders or psychological disorders nowadays are demonic.

Doctors can’t really pin point causes by looking at pictures (x rays) all they see is a stressed out brain influenced by the host also chemical changes influenced by the host.

They are also people that like attention or need a cause to be ill or they want something new like a phone or a car just because everyone else has it or has one.

Better yet.. someone told you they had it so now you’re freaking out because you must have the new one even though it looks identical to the old one.

would that be in the borderline of sociopaths which is also demonic.

i.e. : two elderly people in a shared room at a nursing home; One gets something slightly different than the other but pleasing to the eye so the one that didn’t get the so pleasing meal wants the same as the other.

People are like that and pharmaceuticals and clinics and technology get rich from people like that. you get a new iphone just because it has one feature newer than the previous version and that is an example of gluttony to over indulge.

Sure call it economics or upgrade whatever your minds eyes wishes to call it. We live a physical world created by a GOD who is spirit and this world is ruled by the spirit.

Theater can take you a different world or make believe that you are part of that world but what you fail to accept that most stories have origin from the bible. Matrix movie is a movie almost identical to what the war between heaven and earth is like.

You accept it, you make it yours and you play with ideas. that is why you see kids that look like dead corps walking around displaying their hate and discontent happily in the open. Or people that look like celebrities.

You denied GOD yet you accept men playon notions.

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