02272021 Dream


I find myself in a church setting. I have a digital camera is either red or silver. I am sitting sort off on the right side mid section.

I take a photo of something in front of the church the next thing there’s a guy sitting next to me with a professional camera.

He starts telling me that there is a man on the photo I just took. So I pulled the picture up and spotted a guy in the picture who was on the pew either praying or looking to the front, then the man next to me went on saying that the guy in the picture knows about the picture I just took and that he is trying to get into my camera to take the picture.

The guy next to me suggested that I should download ImageMagick into my camera to make it easier for the guy to either delete the picture or prevent him from doing so.

But I started telling the guy next to me that I didn’t think that ImageMagick could do that so I was giving him the look and he keeps telling me yes and that’s when I woke up. went in to one of my recurring dreams.

error: God Bless You!