Law & Order

People say that they can love others but, I say people are incapable of loving others beyond their immediate family.

I would argue that one too. Maybe an Infatuation to some.

Even a word like professionalism. People know what it means and you most often see it in policies BUT hardly practiced because humanity gets in the way.

They have traffic laws and signs everywhere but thats all it is pictograms because people don’t follow the law outside their homes and work (BUT)…. But I would argue that one too. (pst, whispers; “it was just for the driving test “😉😂)

They drive by them and not even glance at it causing mayhem…

Like love, common sense and professionalism. You think people have common sense?

Supposely it is built-in but people don’t apply in life, they say they do and some will define it BUT they won’t implement it in everyday life.A child is born of sin and its a product an image of ALL the parents are and did. It needs to be taught good and order.