Dear GOD,

I am in the wilderness. I am walking through desert. I am climbing a mountain. I am swimming in the sea. and Although I might stumble and fall I know that you my GOD is there for me.
My GOD you know my heart, you know my wants and you also know I refrain as humanly as possible from falling into the deep.
Only you can aid my soul, you can calm the storm in and around me. rescue me oh GOD from the hands of evil, from the eyes of my persecutors, from the snare of evil agents and from the evil forces of nature.
Let not my love for you be tainted by the evil deeds of others. Show me your ways, teach me your goodness, maintain my innocents from the corrupt mind of those who have settled in old ways.
You oh GOD are my strength and my hope, you are my constant and I wish not to faulty. Safe me my lord from my concupiscence. Let not my heart desire this world nor the ways of the fools who are after their own hearts.