Where GOD begins and the devil ends.

Many of you have asked or questioned the existence of GOD or the devil. Well I am here to tell you that they are both true.

The many subjects that I would want to share with you on the insanity of it all is because is true but NOT because of the creator but because of YOU, ME and the forces of evil.

Do you think you are on the clear yet ? Think not ! Our beautiful GOD said that his ways are not like our way nor our mentality is shared by him. Unless we are born again in the spirit and receive GOD heart and soul.

I have met Satan and his demons. At first some people say that Satan is bound and demons are loose BUT the bible saids the the angels that rebelled against GOD are chained up because if they were loose they would kill all humanity. Trust me they do!

SO… WHO is the entity I have encounter since childhood … Satan is loose and so are the angels who have fallen with him.

Death is unavoidable like the life we breath but Jesus has the key to the kingdom. Which means all the evil is loose and GOD has the mercy over your soul. Satan DOES have power to kill .. Trust me I KNOW but with supplications to GOD we can over came his evil powers and attacks. Evil sports are real my christian brothers and sisters.

Don’t be mistaken .. If you are a true child of GOD .. satan will want to KILL you in what ever form he can and that’s the true!

You will know right away in which side you are in AND either your heart will soften or harden.

Because you will humble or be arrogant and prideful. Do NOT submit to the ways of the world. Listen to your heart.

in GOD, we abide.


error: God Bless You!
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