Mermaid Songs

Bury the christian songs of melancholy and kick that spirit of regret on the butt. Break free from the shackles of oppression from the mermaids that draws you into believing their lies. We dont celebrate the attacks of the devil but with prayer and jubilant songs to our GOD Elohim, we war.


The imperfections of man is what i'm running away from to a perfect person our GOD, Jesus. Away from sin, away from lies, deceptions, game playing, mind games and everything that people call society and everything that people reject among themselves yet follow, corruptions, anger, ill thinking, covetousness, jealousy and that, that is imperfect and …


NO, I don't celebrate Lent because it is actually a catholic holiday not a biblical holiday. Besides each day should be a sacrafies for GOD by not sinning and walking the narrow path .