I am a homosexual male. I don’t practice any more because I decided to follow Yeshua.

One day in my desperation to seek GOD and the truth… I stumbled upon these verses.

Cross references:

    1. Open Bible

I’m no longer an active homosexual.

Although the urges are still there, I pray and meditate in GOD and, I rebuke the dark spirits and they leave.

Evil spirits come and visit me at night and tempt me all the time but I keep fighting back and keep myself from the act.

Sodomy is wrong because it is ungodly and if you want the holy spirit to dwell in you one has to cleanse oneself of sexual immoralities.

The devil is very savvy he will use

  • society standards to trick you,
  • he’ll use other people to trick you,
  • he’ll use media to convince you that you are a fool for believing nonsense

He will try many ways to keep you from seeing the truth and rejecting GOD’s truth.